Casting from a Plaster Mold

Part 2 on Casting a 3 Part Mold


After the mold is cleaned and left to dry for a few days to a week, it is time to make your first cast.

You can purchase straps to hold your mold together, or in this case, inner tube rubber, cut into strips.

mold cleaned up and ready to cast

This mold is held together by inner tube rubber, cut into pieces


Filled with clay slip

Pour the liquid slip carefully into the mold up to the top.


You should put on a timer for about 15 minutes at first, keeping a look out for the level of the slip. As the water is absorbed into the plaster, the level of slip will go down.

Mold absorbing water

Top up the slip as the moisture is absorbed


You will want to experiment on the timing, but for this casting, 30 minutes is about right to cast a piece. However, this could change depending on how many pieces you cast and how damp the mold gets as well as how thick/thin your slip is.

When you feel that the casting is thick enough, pour half of the slip back into the container and then swirl the remainder of the slip around the casting for a few minutes before pouring it out.

Place the mold onto an elevated prop to allow the remainder of the slip to drip out.

The mold will now take an additional time to dry enough to remove the piece from the mold. In this case it is 30 minutes of drying time.


Spout cleaned

Clean the spout hole, being careful to not let the trimmed pieces fall into the sculpture.


When dry and ready to remove the piece, clean the spout hole. Take the bindings off from the cast and carefully pull the two pieces apart.


mold opened up

One side of the cast has been removed, if the piece is dry enough, carefully pull the sculpture out from the second part of the mold.


In this sculpture, the third piece can now be removed as well.

As the pour spout is located at the bottom of the sculpture, we now have to close that opening.

Pour a bit of liquid slip onto a flat plaster bat and place the sculpture on top. This will quickly adhere to the sculpture and create a smooth bottom.

Trimming and cleaning up cast

Here you can see the cast sitting on plaster on top of some liquid slip to fill in the spout hole in the bottom. The opening at the top is also being trimmed.


Your sculpture will have seams that can now be cleaned up and you can cut out the opening to the vase, again being careful not to allow the piece to fall into the sculpture.

Bisque fired hand vases

ten castings coming out of the bisque kiln.


And there you have it, the end result, bisque fired and ready to glaze.


Christmas at the Marshland Centre – Nov 16-17

I will be showing my work in Lakefield on the weekend of November 16 & 17th from 10 – 4pm..  This is a lovely show in a scenic location in Lakefield.  It is boutique style, meaning that all of the artisan’s work is spread around the venue, artfully displayed.  This year is the 14th annual Christmas show, featuring the work of local and regional artisans.

Entrance is free, but you can make a donation in aid of the Lakefield Food Bank or the Lakefield Animal Welfare Society (LAWS).

It takes place at:

Marshland Centre
64 Hague Blvd, Lakefield.

Christmas at the Marshland Centre

Artisanity Show – Nov 1 – 3, 2019

I’ll be participating in the Artisanity show and Sale on November 1 – 3 in Peterborough.  This show includes many artisan crafts such as paintings, wood turning, pottery, gourd art, scarves, ornaments, stuffed animals, jewellery, quilts, felted items and much, much more.  Free Admission, it is a fundraising show for the Artisan Centre, Peterborough.

Takes place at:

Knight of Columbus Hall,
317 Hunter Street,

Hunter St. & Rubidge St.

Artisanity Show & Sale

New Images

I had a friend, the talented Kathryn Frank, take some photos of my platters for me, and I’m thrilled with the results.  Here is one to start with.  Running bunny.

running bunny

running bunny

Victoria County Studio Tour – Sept. 28-29 & Oct. 5-6

This year’s Victoria County Studio Tour is approaching fast.  Once again I will be participating as a guest artist at Janet Tysiak’s studio with Janice Addison.  We had a lovely time last year and I met so many different people.  The studio Tour is all over the Kawartha Lakes, and Janet’s studio is in Fenelon Falls.

We will be at:

35 Lagoon Drive
Fenelon Falls, Ontario

CR 121; Francis St. E (CR 22) for 2 km; Right on Lagoon

I’ve got some new works this year, and four new greeting card designs.


Fox from Lisa Naples WorkshopI just came back after a week away in Doylestown, PA from a course with Lisa Naples.  She is a ceramic artist that I have long admired and I had a wonderful time.  We were there a week and the seven other participants (along with me) all making our choice of sitting animal sculptures.  We didn’t know what the others were making until we got to the class.  There was a kangaroo, a sea otter, a ram, a chipmunk, a bird and three foxes!  I was one of the foxes.

I learned so much from this course and look forward to making many more animals in the coming months.  I highly recommend not only this course, but just taking a course once in a while.  It doesn’t even have to be in the discipline that you work in.  A couple of years ago I took a linocut course and it was a revelation!


Sale at Marshland Centre, Lakefield May 5 & 6

I’ll have my work at the Marshland Centre at 64 Hague Blvd in Lakefield on May 5 & 6.  I’ve made lots of new pieces, which I’m pleased with.  Take a drive as the weather is finally getting better!  There are lots of different artisans, including wood turners, gourders, weavers, sewers as well as a number of potters.