Art Salad – August 7 & 8 – New Date!

2021-07-07T13:46:51-04:00May 5, 2021|

The date is changed to August as it was "iffy" as to whether the June date would be able to go ahead.  We really hope that everyone is better and safe by August.  I'm breathing a bit easier as I have more time to make more "stuff"! If you are in the Grafton area on August 7 & 8, it would be lovely to see you. 10821 County Road, Grafton.


2021-07-07T13:52:43-04:00July 20, 2019|

I just came back after a week away in Doylestown, PA from a course with Lisa Naples.  She is a ceramic artist that I have long admired and I had a wonderful time.  We were there a week and the seven other participants (along with me) all making our choice of sitting animal sculptures.  We didn't know what the others were making until we got to the class.  There was a kangaroo, a sea otter, [...]

Victoria County Studio Tour

2021-07-07T13:53:50-04:00July 19, 2019|

I'm pleased to be taking part in the 2019 Victoria County Studio Tour again this year. It takes place the two weekends of September 28-29, and October 5-6.  I am a guest artist at Janet Tysiak's studio at 35 Lagoon Drive, Fenelon Falls. I had a wonderful time last year meeting lots of people and I hope to welcome you again this year.  Janet sells stained glass and jewellery and Janice Addison is a painter, [...]

Where ideas come from

2021-07-07T14:01:45-04:00June 17, 2018|

I was recently listening to the podcast The Potter's Cast, about a potter, Angela White Wenger.  She's doing something amazing, which is capturing spider webs and transferring them to clay.  And I got to thinking, where do all of our ideas come from?  I immediately wanted to go out and try to do the same, but really, it would just be copying her. (and she gets up at dawn to capture these and I'm not [...]

Painting the rabbit

2018-05-02T22:34:45-04:00April 15, 2018|

The piece is out of the bisque firing, and now for the painting while listening to a crime audio book.

Adding a Decal to a flask

2018-05-02T22:32:20-04:00March 30, 2018|

I just loved making these funny little flasks/vases.  I decided to try out some underglaze decals that I purchased from China Clay Art recently.  What fun it was using them.  I used the bits and pieces from one to decorate some heart jewellery.

Releasing a fish from a mold

2018-05-02T22:06:01-04:00March 15, 2018|

Here is a piece of my garden sculpture at the moment of being released (not from the wild) but from the mold.  It needs to be cleaned, but that doesn't take long.

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