Where ideas come from

2021-07-07T14:01:45-04:00June 17, 2018|

I was recently listening to the podcast The Potter's Cast, about a potter, Angela White Wenger.  She's doing something amazing, which is capturing spider webs and transferring them to clay.  And I got to thinking, where do all of our ideas come from?  I immediately wanted to go out and try to do the same, but really, it would just be copying her. (and she gets up at dawn to capture these and I'm not [...]

Getting Inspiration

2018-02-06T12:51:48-05:00July 29, 2016|

I saw this cool poster recently on Pinterest and I'm not sure if Meredith from Crafted Fragments created it or if it was from Text my Journal.  However, it is a brilliant poster and sure to get some ideas flowing.

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