Adding a Decal to a flask

I just loved making these funny little flasks/vases.  I decided to try out some underglaze decals that I purchased from China Clay Art recently.  What fun it was using them.  I used the bits and pieces from one to decorate some heart jewellery.

Show in Peterborough a big success

The Kawartha Potters Guild had their annual show at the end of November and it was a huge success.  All the potters’ work was beautiful and sales were up by 20%.  Here is an image of my own display for the show.  Next year is the 20th anniversary and we are hoping to have some surprises for our visitors.


Art or Craft?

In this informative video, it is cleverly illustrated what the difference is between Art and Craft.  Apparently it all started in 1550.  But don’t let me spoil it for you!  Watch the video.

However, it is a debate that has gone on for hundreds of years.

Art Makes you Smart

By BRIAN KISIDA, JAY P. GREENE and DANIEL H. BOWEN Published: November 23, 2013

According to a recent article in the NY Times, a large-scale study of school tours of the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, showed up some suprising data about the children who were able to attend the museum and get some art education.

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Made you look, didn’t I?

This site was created because of a piece of art I made.  I created a tile (or rather two) of the QR code for this site.  The general idea was that people are so fixated on their devices that even at an art show they would be driven to scan a QR code to see what was behind it.

So the irony would be that they would be at an art show, looking at a picture about people looking at their phones while in a gallery, while they were doing the exact same thing.  Sort of fell flat though, as no one scanned the QR code.  It would also be a continuing piece of art while I updated this site just for them.   The tiles are available for sale.

The illustration above was done by my clever illustrator friend, Kevin Frank.  I asked him for a drawing about this subject and he came up with a dozen ideas.  This one was exactly what I was striving for.